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You can login to pay your bill in full on this web site by credit card (either Visa or MasterCard) or by electronic fund transfer. You may also apply for unairworthy/nonuse registration. You will need your Aircraft N-number and the Owner Access Code from your renewal bill to locate your registration and pay your bill. If you have not yet paid sales/use tax on your aircraft, you are also required to pay the sales/use tax amount due in full. If you cannot pay your bill for one of the following reasons and you have a question, please go to How To & Info .

You cannot pay your bill on this web site if:

1) You are changing your aircraft status to Recreational, Agricultural, Classic, or Antique. If you meet certain basic eligibility requirements, an affidavit will be printed on the reverse side of your bill.  To change your aircraft status, this affidavit must be completed, notarized and returned to the Aircraft Registration Unit, Office of Aeronautics.  If you have any questions about changing the status of your aircraft, please call the Aircraft Registration Unit at 651-234-7201.

2) You are renewing an aircraft with Air Ambulance status. If the aircraft you are renewing is an Air Ambulance, you are required to file an affidavit each year confirming the status of the aircraft.  If this affidavit is not printed on the reverse side of your bill, you may download a copy of this form here or by using the “Printable Forms” link on the left side of the screen.  You may also contact the Aircraft Registration Unit at 651-234-7201 to request this form

3) You are a Minnesota Licensed dealer and the aircraft is placed in a tax withholding status. Registrations for aircraft owned by Minnesota Licensed Aircraft Dealers for resale are handled in a different way from general registrations.  You are required to fill out a Dealer Registration Card and submit it to the Aircraft Registration Unit.  Please contact Karen Lager at 651-234-7201 if you have any questions about your bill.  If you have any questions relating to your Aircraft Dealers License, please contact the Aircraft Registration Office  at (651) 234-7201.

4) You are claiming exemption from sales/use tax. Claiming a Sales/Use Tax exemption requires you to submit additional information to the Aircraft Registration Unit.  Please call 651-234-7201 for more information, or use the “Printable Forms” link at the left of the screen to download a copy of the Aircraft Registration Application for more detail on the documents you are required to submit.

Data Privacy Notice: Under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes,
Chapter 13, the information requested in the Insurance and Sales/Use tax Sections is public except for the social security number and aircraft purchase price. This information is private. The information requested is necessary so that you can properly register your aircraft and pay any required tax in compliance with Minnesota law including Minnesota Statutes Sections 297A.82, 360.018 and 360.511-360.67.
With regard to the Aircraft Sales/Use Tax, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is acting as an agent of Minnesota Revenue. The private information you provide on this form may not be given to others without your consent except to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), other state agencies or other states that guarantee the same privacy.

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Information and assistance:
If you have any questions about aircraft registration, insurance, or sales/use tax, call the Department of Transportation at 651-234-7201. Minnesota Relay (TTY) 711. Or, contact Aircraft Registration.
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