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Lookup an Aircraft Registration

To lookup basic aircraft registration information, you need only the Aircraft N-Number or FAA-issued UAV certificate number.

If you are an aircraft owner, you may also enter the Owner Access Code associated with the N-Number to check your registration status, update address, contact, insurance and base airport information, and if payment is due, choose to pay your bill.

    Find Your Registration    
  Enter N-Number (omit 'N') or UAV number (begin with 'F'):  
  N This is the federal registration number for the aircraft you wish to look up.  Omit 'N' for normal aircraft (e.g., enter 12AB, not N12AB).  For UAV, enter the FAA-issued Certificate Number, and include the leading 'F.'
  Enter Owner Access Code:  
    The Owner Access Code is printed on the bill you received from the Office of Aeronautics.  By entering the number, you can make changes to the information the Office of Aeronautics has on file about you, your aircraft, and your insurance.
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