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Aircraft Registration Application

Aircraft Registration Application
This page may be used to register an aircraft with the State of Minnesota Department of Transportation, Office of Aeronautics.

Section 1: Please fill out Section 1 as completely as possible, even if you intend to apply for an unairworthy exemption in Section 2.  Please provide the N-number, year, make, model and serial number.  If it is a homebuilt aircraft, please also provide an approximate cost to build the aircraft.
Please provide name and address information for the owner of the aircraft.  If the owner is other than an individual, provide a Contact Name and a daytime telephone number in the Business Phone field.
Please indicate the airport or location where the aircraft is based, the date it was purchased, the date the aircraft entered Minnesota, and the intended use of the aircraft.  Select as many uses as applicable.  If the aircraft was previously registered in Minnesota, you may leave the date of entry blank.
Indicate the name and address of the person or business you have purchased, or are leasing, the aircraft from.

Section 2: If your aircraft is not airworthy, please complete Section 2 to apply for unairworthy/Non-Use status for the aircraft.  You must state the condition of the aircraft and the reason for it not being in operating condition.  Indicate the date of its last annual inspection.

You must check the box to confirm that the information on this form is correct.  For the purposes of aircraft registration, an Owner is any person owning or renting an aircraft, or having the exclusive use thereof, under a lease or otherwise, for a period greater than 30 days.

Click the Cancel button to return to the main registration screen, or the Continue button to submit this application to the Office of Aeronautics.

If you have any questions about this application, please contact the Office of Aeronautics at 651-234-7201.

    Aircraft Registration (Sections 1 and 2): Section 1 must be filled out as completely as possible, even if filing for unairworthy exemption under Section 2. Section 2 should be filled out only if applying for an unairworthy exemption. The information contained in Section 1 and 2 will be used to determine what your registration tax (if any) is and then you will be billed for the applicable amount.
    Section 1    
    N-Number or UAV Number:  
    Serial Number:  
       If Homebuilt what is the approximate cost to build?  
  $ Price should include cost of kit, prop, and engine
    Owner Information    
    Contact Name:  
    Address 1:  
    Address 2:  
    Zip Code + 4: -    
    Home Phone:
    Business Phone:
    E-Mail Address:    
    Where is aircraft based?:  
    Date Purchased:
    Date of aircraft's entry
into Minnesota (not required if previously registered in Minnesota):  

Aircraft Use:
Air Ambulance
    Seller Information    
    Address 1:  
    Address 2:  
    Zip Code + 4: -    
    First registration is due as soon as the aircraft first uses Minnesota airspace or airports; a penalty of $2.50 will be charged for the first calendar month if the registration payment is over 20 days late. An additional penalty of 5% of the annual registration will be charged for each month thereafter until the tax is paid. You will be billed based on information provided on this form.  
    Section 2    
    Complete this section ONLY if filing for unairworthy registration  
    If your aircraft is unairworthy, it must be registered, but may be listed as "nonuse" with no aircraft registration tax due.

    Conditions which make this aircraft unairworthy:

    Date of last annual inspection or last condition inspection:
I hereby certify that I am (or was) the owner of the aircraft described herein and that the statements made herein are true and correct.
    Data Privacy Notice: Under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Chapter 13, the information requested in Sections 1 and 2 of this form are public. The information requested is necessary so that you can properly register your aircraft and pay any required tax in compliance with Minnesota law including Minnesota Statutes Sections 297A.82, 360.511-360.67. With regard to the Aircraft Use Tax, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is acting as an agent of the Minnesota Department of Revenue.
Information and assistance: If you have any questions about aircraft registration, insurance, or sales and use tax, call the Department of Transportation at 651-234-7201. Minnesota Relay (TTY) 711
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